Zero Seven Refreshing Solution


  • zeroseven refreshing solution has seven multi function basically, such as cleansing , rinsing ,Disinfection, protein removal, lubrication, storing, & moisturizing of all kinds of soft contant lens,With NO-RUB formula.
  • zeroseven refreshing solution can be used under the 5 minutes regimen or 4 hours regimen According to the needs of users.
  • zeroseven refreshing solution is a single & remarkable product which can give a full satisfaction To you as if you wear the new lens in each day.


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 Specialties of Zero Seven Contact Lens CONTACT LENS
index_2_07 Good quality of raw material
Zero Seven Contact Lens use expensive and high quality raw material
index_2_12 Skilled and professional manpower
Employees of Zero Seven Contact Lens are skilled and professional personnel