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The market of soft contact lens is over supply condition with big and small manufacturers and importers for now. So there are many companies that are too competitive with price and have no concern on the quality. We POLYTOUCH contact lens are manufacturing our products with the mind of mothers to give best things to family always. POLYTOUCH contact lens give clear world beyond Korea in the World.
The contact lens care product of POLYTOUCH chemical is certified with good quality in the world. And the contact lens business team will try and develop to be recognized as a good brand beyond the different physical shape, different culture in the world not satisfying in the domestic market.
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 Specialties of Zero Seven Contact Lens CONTACT LENS
index_2_07 Good quality of raw material
Zero Seven Contact Lens use expensive and high quality raw material
index_2_12 Skilled and professional manpower
Employees of Zero Seven Contact Lens are skilled and professional personnel