Zero Seven contact lens gives clear world beyond Korea in the World.
  Advanced technology and know-how! Zero Seven contact lens will take the lead.
  We are producing professionally soft contact lenses and contact lenses care product.
We are doing our best to offer safe and reliable products to our customers with advanced
development of technology of research center and strict quality management.
Spring of 2008, revolution of contact lenses
We are launching soft contact lenses of new concept with long time research and development for days and nights. Above all things, with new lay out methods beyond the preceding technology, it is designed to keep perfect fit on your eyes.
 All the employees of Zero Seven promise to offer

lenses with better fit, and safety to our customers for the best eyesight.


CEO of POLYTOUCH contact lense  Kim, Soo Bock

Customer Center
 Specialties of Zero Seven Contact Lens CONTACT LENS
index_2_07 Good quality of raw material
Zero Seven Contact Lens use expensive and high quality raw material
index_2_12 Skilled and professional manpower
Employees of Zero Seven Contact Lens are skilled and professional personnel